IT Manager – D-Ploy Deutschland GmbH

Service Desk Operations

  • End User Support – all aspects of User Support
  • ITSM Improvement – Defining ServiceNow Flows, Reporting
  • Process calibration – regularly revising processes and calibrating those that are no longer up to date
  • SLA and KPI monitoring – monitor SLAs and KPIs in the End User Support
  • Management Scorecard
  • User Onboarding & Training – training users on important topics, some based on the outcomes of the Scorecard, some due to the introduction of new apps

Workplace Services

  • Hardware Lifecycle Management – End User Device Lifecycle management
  • Define Hardware Standards – creating a global hardware catalog for the EUS Organisation
  • Rollouts – Windows 10, O365, Follow me printing
  • Compliance – Data Protection, Compliance for Computers and Mobile Devices
  • Office Moves and relocations – assisting with office moves